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World Roulette Art Book
150 Worlds by 150 Artists

Plus Worldbuilding Compendium

••Please note that this is a pre-order for the World Roulette Randomizer Book that will be shipping in March 2021

For more information, you can take a look at the recently funded Kickstarter here!
And see all of the contributing artists here. 

What is World Roulette?
Limited Edition Art Book Anthology
200+ Page Book, Clothbound, Gold and Black Foil Cover
Featuring 150 Artist's Worlds
Compendium featuring 40+ Concept Art and Storytelling Pros

10 Epoch Patterns and Additional Narratives

The World Roulette Art Book is an A5 size.


More about the concept:

We've all seen the shows where someone gets a hold of a time machine, stumbles into a portal, or steps into an alternative reality generator, and the main character is tossed into space, unlike anything they've experienced before. Rick and Morty, Bill and Ted, Futurama, Star Trek . . . You get the picture. Alternate realities are a favorite theme of visual art makers and storytellers -- not only do these concepts give us an out from the insanity of life here on earth, but it gives us wildly creative ways to ask the big cosmic questions "what if things were different. . ."

In World Roulette, each of the 150 artists has created a world inspired by four randomized prompts (a little toss of the cosmic dice) and developed a world that encompasses the attributes, beliefs, weather patterns, government, or other given parameters. In addition to developing a new landscape, each artist wrote a story about this new world. 

The worldbuilding Compendium in the back of the book features thoughts, reflections, pro-tips, advice and lessons from the makers of some of our favorite properties. Professionals include makers on The Owl House, Steven Universe, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Disenchantment, Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Fantasy Genesis Series, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Magic the Gathering, Pinky Malinky, and much more.