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Tarot Readings by Appointment

Light Grey Art Lab

Tarot Readings by Appointment

$ 15.00

TAROT READINGS: By Appointment
15, 30, 45, hour long readings
Select the length of the reading below • by appointment
At Light Grey Art Lab -- 118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406  --- 612.239.2047

Tis the season for a karmic overhaul. If you have been curious about how to approach the next couple months, or if you just need a bit of intuitive wisdom, now is your chance. Tarot readings offer insight into the areas of life that need the most attention. The cards provide a mirror in which we can examine ourselves, analyze how we live, work, love and progress, and help us find direction where we most need it.

Light Grey Art Lab's Lindsay Nohl and Jenny Bookler are available for readings by phone, Skype or in person at the gallery. 

To sign up for a reading, please choose your time-preference below and we will contact you via email to confirm a time spot and delivery of your reading.

****Please allow several days for a response and confirmation of an appointment, as the gallery has limited hours and it may take a moment to confirm a time. Our open gallery hours are Wednesday - Saturday from noon - 7pm, and Sunday from noon - 5pm, though Lindsay and Jenny may be available on different dates. We will contact you to confirm which time spot works best for you!

Questions? Please send us a note!


About our readers:

Lindsay Nohl has been an intuitive Tarot reader for nearly 20 years. She has taught Tarot workshops at Light Grey since 2012 and has had the pleasure of creating the Light Grey Tarot and Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck alongside a team of incredible artists and the Light Grey Team. She has been a speaker at the North Star Tarot conference, and travels whenever she can to absorb additional wisdom from the wonderful people at Readers Studio in New York, and the UK Tarot Conference in London. She specializes in in-depth multi-stage readings and uses both the Cosmos Deck, the Rider Waite / Pamela Coleman Smith Deck, and an assortment of others in her collection. 

Jenny Bookler has been reading Tarot since 2012 and has also contributed to the creation of both the Light Grey Tarot and the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck. She has been a speaker at the North Star Tarot Conference in Eagan, Minnesota, and has had the pleasure of instructing a variety of Tarot workshops in the Major Arcana and symbolism in Tarot. She specializes in shorter, focused readings that provide insight into specific areas in question. She reads with the Light Grey Tarot and the Cosmos Deck.




*** Check out the other Young Mystics: Witchy Workshops happening Halloween weekend at Light Grey! We have other workshops in Palm Reading, Potion Making, Pendulums and more! If you are interested in signing up for all 4 workshops, please view the complete Witchy Workshop package HERE. 

Participants that sign up for all four of our Witchy Workshops will receive a free Tarot reading on Saturday evening after our second class. 

Questions? Send us a note!

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