Scholarships and Sponsorship for the Senior Show 2020 Online Exhibition
Light Grey Art Lab

Scholarships and Sponsorship for the Senior Show 2020 Online Exhibition

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Scholarship Donation:

We appreciate your support-- thank you for considering a monetary donation towards scholarships for SENIOR SHOW 2020.  We are looking for sponsorship and pledges by May 10th, 2020.

Shopify charges a 2.9% fee for processing transactions with all purchases. By including the fee in the total amount, students will receive the full amount of your donation. Thank you so much for your kind donation and for supporting the cause.  

There are three ways you can be a donating sponsor:

A. Named Scholarship Award -- a monetary donation over $100

If you are able to donate over $100, you will have the opportunity to select the student you would like to award, name your scholarship, or donate in honor of someone else. 

B. A monetary donation under $100

All other scholarship funds will be collected into a pool and juried by professionals in the industry and dispersed between the five submission categories (Illustration, Design, Animation/Visual Development, Comics/Children's Books/Sequential Arts, or Studio Art/Other)

C. Project Sponsor 

Light Grey Art Lab is a gallery and classroom, focused on bringing creatives together to explore, make work, share ideas, and make it easy to learn and collaborate. This project will cost a minimum of $2500 in labor and resources (not including our rent, volunteers, and web hosting). If you would like to support what we do, we would greatly appreciate it! Any dollar amount goes a long way and assists in making projects like this a reality.