Gromnica by Ariel Mika Gorski – Artist Print / The End is Nigh

Gromnica by Ariel Mika Gorski – Artist Print / The End is Nigh

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by Ariel Mika Gorski

Matte archival print
8x10" – $12
12x16" – $18

About the artwork:
The gromnica, meaning “thunder candle” in Polish, is a protective object of personal value. As its name implies, the gromnica is popularly used as a protection against storms, and as a tool of blessing on the ritual holiday known as Candlemas-- however, these candles hold great significance as a representation of human life and are often gifted to children at a young age. It is believed that the gromnica protects its owner throughout their lifetime, and it is customary that the gromnica burns for the very last time at the vigil (czuwanie) of its owner before being buried with them. In this way, the thunder candle dies with its owner.

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About the End is Nigh: 
The End is Nigh is an exhibition about the Allegories, Symbols, Stories, Characters, and Rituals surrounding death -- we wanted to investigate everything we can about how cultures and societies prepared for, honored, symbolized, and spoke about the great sleep. View the full exhibition here.