Caitlin Ono


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Caitlin Ono
Materials: Archival Art Print
Available sizes: 11 x 17 inches

About the Work:
Last summer, I had the great opportunity and honor to spend time with a group of wonderful artists in an almost otherworldly space. From them I learned about forging along your own path, about telling your own stories, exploring your memories, and creating and defining the life you want for yourself. I have often felt like the title of ‘artist’ drapes around me like an ill-fitting coat. I have lived in constant fear of those around me noticing my discomfort. From my experience in Iceland with some amazing self starters and fellow creatives, I have learned a simple truth.

If the coat does not fit, then you must make it yourself.

Thank you for a magical summer, Team Loft.

From the Curio Exhibition
Part of Team Loft's Collection

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