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Past - ToBeYou: Personal Narrative, Tales, and Memory

I believe in synchronicity. I notice patterns. I am comforted by cycles and I find power in familiarity. Every time something new appears, I silently relate it to something I've seen before and remember everything that's come before it. 

One, Two, Three, Four... I count the times I inhale while I walk and make my breath coincide with my steps. This morning I woke up and the words "terra firma" were in my head. These words will not go away and I find myself whispering them as I work. What does it mean? Maybe it's residue from a dream I had. Maybe it's something I'll find out later today. I'm not sure. I'll keep my eyes open.

The numbers four and seven seem important. I should remember that when I pick out dates for traveling. My phone number has them both, as does my address. The plane ticket I just bought is flight number 047. The only seat left is B21. I do not like that number.

Everyone is wearing brown shoes except for Jenny. Hers are red. This whole coffee shop is filled with people with brown shoes. Why are hers red...? I make a mental note. 

tobeyou is a special exhibition featuring 100 international illustrators, designers, and makers of all types. The exhibition celebrates individuals within the creative community, showcasing the beauty of personal narratives, stories, memory, and diversity. Each artist has created new work that emphasizes their practice, style, personality, and uniqueness through hand-pulled screen prints, framed original paintings, zines, small sculptures, photographs and more. It also marks Light Grey Art Lab's 5th Anniversary!