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Past - Tiny Homes: Dwellings and the Concept of Home

March 14, 2016 

So... I finally got evicted. It wasn't a big deal, really. All signs pointed to me leaving one way or another. I feel like I'm constantly on the edge of yes or no, stay or go, commit or look for something better.

So here I am, writing you with a leaky pen from the dash of my car, listening to the oldies' station for just a little longer before I'll have to shut off the battery for the night. It gets cold out here and the leather seats don't do me any favors, but the view is incredible. I've got a few good books, a trunk full of essentials, and some old tape decks that I found at Goodwill before I left the city proper. Thanks again for the wool sweater. It comes in handy.

It's definitely an adventure out here. I'm not sure where I'm headed, but in a strange way, it still feels like home.


TINY HOMES features eighty international illustrators and designers who, through their prints, have explored and challenged our ideas of space: Interiors, exteriors, futuristic, historical, natural or personal. Some of the artwork includes serene hideaways from which to experience the world unchanged by man, methods in which to twist our concepts of what a home can be, close-up views of dwellings where things that exist unseen by the human eye reside, and a means to reflect on what comfort means to each of us. Each and every piece is a comforting and personal vignette that serves as a reminder that there's a "home" out there for all of us.