Mystery Postcard Packs
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Mystery Postcard Packs

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Each set includes a variety of postcards from past projects such as Innuendo, 6 Degrees (a project about hometowns), FOODIES (recipe postcards), and more! Each grab bag is unique! 

Light Grey Art Lab is a gallery, classroom, event space, and creative travel organization that focuses on bringing creatives together to make, collaborate, and share ideas. Since opening in 2012, Light Grey Art Lab has featured works with thousands of artists in illustration, children's book, editorial, design, concept art, painting, and more. In addition to physical exhibitions and publications, Light Grey Art Lab hosts classes, visiting artist workshops, and travel residencies and art camps around the globe. 

Due to COVID-19 and the effects of the pandemic, and our inability to travel and host creative meetups, Light Grey Art Lab is hosting a fundraiser sale (both in our brick and mortar space in Minneapolis and online) to keep the lights on, support future programming, and to make sure we can keep our gallery events free to participate and open to the public. A sincere thank you for your support!


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