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IN PLACE: Wish You Were Here
Art book featuring 50 awe-inspiring illustrations

IN PLACE, a breathtaking and awe-inspiring journey around the world through the eyes of concept artists, illustrators, and designers - over 50 creatives. In coordination with the exhibition - we printed a signed & numbered edition of our new art book. The book is a perfect-bound landscape format book - 28cm wide, 23cm tall and 1cm thick, with a flapped cover.
IN PLACE takes you on a journey around the world through the visions of 50 international illustrators, concept / visual development artists, and creatives. The book features large, gorgeous illustrations of each exotic location accompanied by stories, cultural and folkloric text.
We had the pleasure of working with Award Winning Arctic Explorer, Lonnie Dupre, known for his expeditions through Greenland via dogsled and his participation in two National Geographic documentaries (among many other honors) for the forward of the book -- he creates an inspiring introduction to a book that aims to bring out the explorer in all of us.
From mountain peaks to lost islands at the bottom of the sea, In Place is a collection of artwork that delves into many of the most significant, sublime, and unbelievable places on Earth. Featuring the work of fifty contemporary illustrators, designers, and creatives, this collaborative project aims to create a greater understanding of the places we live in and dream of. --- From the front cover
You can view the entire collection of artwork on the exhibition gallery here.
Featuring the work of:
Andres Guzman , Andrew Whyte , Angela An , Anna Bron , Anna Craig , Casey Crisenbery Chie Boyd , Courtney Billadeau, Elyse Holmes , Erik Krenz , Federico Piatti , Geniviéve FT , Gigi D.G. , JB Casacop , Jeff Johnson , Jesse Tise , Josie Portillo , Joy Ang , Juan Carlos Barquet , Kali Ciesemier Kelly Bastow , Kim Smith , Kyle Scott Lara Paulussen , Lauren Airriess , Leonard Peng , Leslie Hung , Maike Plenzke , Michael Gunder , Mike Yamada , Phoenix Chan , Sage Einarsen , Sam Bosma , Sarah Marino , Séléna Picque , Sidharth Chaturvedi
Sherwin Abesamis , Silver Saaremäel Uwe Heidschötter , Vero Navarro , Victor Maury , Victor Mosquera , Victoria Maderna , Victoria Ying , Lindsay Nohl , Victoria Nohl , Jenny Wells, Chris Hajny, Francesca Buchko , and Lonnie Dupre
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