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Rubinski Works

Madison Holler resides in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. She received her BFA from St. Cloud State University with a special interest in ceramics, photography, printmaking, art history and graphic design. Madison’s work explores her heritage and its folklore through images and objects. She predominately makes peyote stitch beadwork, among other delicate beadwork styles and hand constructed porcelain beads for wearable art.
My peyote stitch beadwork is hand constructed, bead by bead, and influenced by cultural trades passed on through my family and community. The power of craft is vital in my work and craftsmanship of many types have manifested in my practice. I was born and raised in central Minnesota and the wooded landscapes of Ontario, Canada. I enjoyed spending my childhood observing the natural world and relationships and changes that manifest within it.  The beadwork’s formal qualities, such as the patterning and subject matter, is inspired by rudimentary observations I see as well as folklore from my Scandinavian and Native American heritage. Icons and lore are represented in fragmentary states due to the beadwork operating on a grid. The unfilled moments in the beadwork design are integral parts of a whole -- voids and rifts which remain suggestive and pregnant.