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Friend & Fort

Jesse Lindhorst is a dedicated designer, observant illustrator, and professional optimist. For now, he resides in the cozy confines of Minneapolis where I take my clients’ vision and create a visual voice and identity. 

During typical 9-5 hours, I can be found in Northeast at Friend & Fort where I work as a Design Director with a focus on branding, digital, print, packaging, and illustration. I also volunteer my time for the cycling non-profit 30 Days of Biking. 

It’s important to me that my art advocates for the common good. When I’m not in the office, I’m screen printing, taking photos on my Sony Nex6, and showing my work in galleries across the Midwest. 

Slowing down is my motto. Biking faster is my motivator. Stopping for coffee is my ideal.
My screen printed work is a direct reflection of my interests in cycling, music, and much more. Illustration and printmaking is a place where I can really let loose and experiment with whimsical themes, different styles, and bold, vivid colors. Plus, I love getting away from my screen and getting down and dirty in the process. All of these pieces are explorations of style and narrative, digging to how a single composition—or many—can tell a bigger story.