But Our Mother Has Not Yet Arrived
Kaitlynn Copithorne

But Our Mother Has Not Yet Arrived

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Kaitlynn Copithorne
But Our Mother Has Not Yet Arrived
Materials: 5-Color Silkscreen Print, Edition of 10
Available sizes: 12 x 18 inches

About the Work:
'In the meantime the soldier walked and strolled about down in the other world. He thought it was hard that he should see neither people nor daylight any more; but he would have to do something, he thought, and so for many days he went about from room to room and opened all the drawers and cupboards and searched about on the shelves and looked at all the fine things that were there. At last he came to a drawer in a table, in which there lay a golden key; he tried this key to all the locks he could find, but there was none it fitted till he came to a little cupboard over the bed, and in that he found an old rusty whistle. 'I wonder if there is any sound in it,' he thought, and put it to his mouth. No sooner had he whistled than he heard a whizzing and a whirring from all quarters, and such a large flock of birds swept down, that they blackened all the field in which they settled.

'What does our master want to-day?' they asked.

If he were their master, the soldier said, he would like to know if they could tell him how to get up to the earth again. No, none of them knew anything about that; 'But our mother has not yet arrived,' they said; 'if she can’t help you, no one can.'

- The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountain
From the Curio Exhibition
Part of Team Vann's Collection, Water

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